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Learn tips on achieving great clinical results as well as discussing the various business models and how they can be harnessed to thrive in the ever-changing dental landscape.

Full schedule to be posted next week!

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Panel Discussion: How to Increase Your Practice Value for the End Game… Either Now or in 20 Years

Senior executives from five of the nation’s largest practice buyers share what they look for in a practice; which doctors get the highest value and why.

Moderated by Chip Fichtner, Principal of Large Practice Sales, the premier advisors to the largest orthodontic practices.

Whether you want to monetize your life’s work now, or in 20 years, you need a plan. The executives on this panel have collectively spent over a half a billion dollars buying dental and orthodontic practices. They will share the details that make your practice most valuable and what could make your practice unsellable at any price.

The steps you take today will impact the value of your practice next week and in the distant future.

Hint: It has nothing to do with your Instagram account, website or brand.