Friday, October 26, 2018


The Big Picture:

  • Dr. David Majoeroni, Welcome
  • Keynote, The Unknown Orthodontist


  • Dr. Jo and Scott Hansen, That Was Then – This Is Now
    How We Tripled Our Production in Four Years
  • Dr. David Boschken, My Large Practice is 95% Invisalign Thanks to Their Retail Strategy
  • Dr. Tyler Coles, Doctor referrals are dead, are you prepared?
  • Bonnie Hixson, The New “Credibility Gap”

Lead and Manage your Practice:

  • Dr. Ben Fishbein and Amanda Floyd, Growing your Practice
  • Dino Watt, Making Love & Business Work: Growing your business without growing apart in your relationship
  • Dr. Rael Bernstein, Associate….Solution or Problem?
  • Dr. Amy Jackson, Optimizing your practice to better your bottom line

Saturday, October 27, 2018


New Technologies to improve Patient Care and Your Bottom Line

  • Dr. Sam Dahar, Accelerated Aligner Orthodontics – Getting better results faster
  • Dr. Ron Roncone, “What Are We Missing to Achieve More New Patients, A Very High Enrollment Rate(90% +), Lots of Free Time, and Practice Differentiation?”
  • Dr. Tom Pitts, “Breakthroughs to WOW Esthetics, Quickly–  Better Marketing with More Profit”
  • Dr. Jamie Reynolds, The 3 Pillars of Modern Financial Management

The End Game

  • Interactive Panel Discussion, How to Increase Your Practice Value for the End Game… Either Now or in 20 Years
  • Dr. Scott Law, How I Grew from 1-140+ Practices in Less than 5 Years


Friday, October 26, 2018

  • Angela Webber, Jumpstarting Growth: Connecting Ideas with Implementation.
  • Scott Hansen, That Was Then – This Is Now How We Tripled Our Production in Four Years
  • Dino Watt, The Art of Body Language: The Key to a deeper connection with your team, your patients and your family.
  • Dr. Doug Depew, Move Over, Millennials…Is Your Practice Ready for Generation Z?
  • Dr. Jamie Reynolds, The 3 Pillars of Modern Financial Management
  • Ben Fishbein and Amanda Floyd, Practice Growth

Saturday, October 27, 2018

  • Amy Jackson, Optimize Your Practice
  • Tracy Martin, From Basic to Badass: The New Patient Experience Turned UP!

Tracy and her team at Straight Wire Consulting have over 35 years of experience helping some of the most productive and progressive orthodontic offices across North America. By now you’ve probably heard about her TC Mastery Courses, but make sure you attend the MKS Forum this year for a brand-new program where you’ll learn how to “reach for the starts” that your practice needs to thrive!Even better, you’ll leave will a workbook to ensure you succeed back home! Not to mention, attending MKS is the ONLY WAY that your TC will be able to attend Tracy’s next revolutionary TC Mastery Course—February 2019, in Vegas—at a $125 discount!DISCLAIMER: Only those wanting to surpass a basic approach to new patients should attend.

* Order of Speakers could change